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Eric's Equipment

Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone #201695

I bought this horn brand new in Anaheim, CA when I was 15 years old for $425! I've played lots of Mark VI's over the years and never played one I like better than this one.

Mouthpiece: Beechler Metal #7
Ligature: Oligature

Yamaha Custom Z Alto Saxophone Silver body, Lacquered neck and Gold Plated right hand thumb rest.

This is an excellent instrument that I also play. When these horns were debuted at the 2003 NAMM show I was given my choice of horns, necks and thumb rests and this was the combination I liked the best.

Mouthpiece: Beechler Metal #7
Ligature: Oligature

Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone #63085

I bought this horn in 1980 from Bob Sheppard, one of the best players in the world. He found another tenor that was within 50 serial numbers away from this one and gold plated.

Mouthpiece: Berg Larson Metal 100/2
Ligature: Brancher

Yamaha YSS 62 Soprano Saxophone

I picked this horn out of 15 and each were unique but all of them were great. I bought it in 1988 at the Sax Shop in Los Angeles. All 15 were bought by professional players in L.A. within a few days.

Mouthpiece: Selmer Super Session #H
Ligature: Harrison

Vandoren Reeds

I use Traditional "Blue Box" size 2&1/2 on Soprano, Alto and Tenor.
For sure, the best reeds I've ever tried.

Muramatsu Flute

This instrument is one of the easiest flutes for me to play. When I travel I rarely get to take my flute with me which means that sometimes I have to go a long time without playing it. Since flute isn't my first instrument I need one that I can get back together quickly.

HD Systems Microphone STM 99
This is a fantastic clip-on mic! I've used it on lots of live recordings
including the new Chick Corea Elektric Band DVD, "Live At Montreux".

Shure ULXP4 Wireless System

This wireless unit has been amazing for me. I've never had a problem with it of any kind and the range is incredible!

Lexicon MPX 110 Multi Effects Processor

The sounds in this unit are really nice and it's held up in my rack
for a long time through lots of flights.

Eric's Rack


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